Who said that we’re limited to Adobe’s Flash Player?

A very exciting and promising project called Lightspark has reached beta-stadium.

Lightspark is a 3rd-party implementation of Adobe’s Flash Player, written by Alessandro Pignotti and entirely created from scratch using the open specification of the Flash-format SWF. No reverse-engineering was done.

It is being said, that even hardware-acceleration is supported using OpenGL. Lightspark is claimed to be compatible to ActionScript3 and Flash Player version 9.

Its goal is to provide a faster, stable and more open version of Adobe’s Flash Player.

Sounds really exciting to me so far!

Who said that Flash technology is not open?
If it is wasn’t, Lightspark wouldn’t be possible.

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4 thoughts on “Who said that we’re limited to Adobe’s Flash Player?

  1. Did you test it already? Seems to be in early alpha stage?

    There are some other free flash implementations: gnash for example.

  2. Actually, it’s beta, not alpha.

    Gnash only supports Flash up to version 7 (and parts of version 9) while the official Flash version is currently v.10!
    It also lacks Lightspark’s ability to use hardware acceleration, which is a feature I’ve been waiting for very long.
    Just think about it. Eye-popping, graphic intense games playable directly inside the browser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TKGNS1N1yo

    I tried Gnash out, back in my Linux days on Ubuntu, and almost no Flash-application I tried worked with it.

    And no, I didn’t try Lightspark yet since there is no installable binary yet. Only the sources can be downloaded and to be honst: I currently don’t feel like compiling this myself :-)

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