JavaScript RPG Game Development | Episode 3: NPCs and Dialogs

Moving on to episode 3 we add our first NPC the main character can talk to. If you’re new to this series, make sure to check out episode 1 first: Question for you: Have you started creating your own RPG yet? How’s the progress? Let me know in the comments section! :-) GitHub Repo […]

JavaScript RPG Game Development | Episode 2: Map- and Character Creation

In this 2nd episode of our series I finally manage to create a custom spritesheet for building the map and characters of our game. I struggled quite a lot as the documentation of rpg.js is not the best and some important information is lacking. So, if you’re also running into problems getting your spritesheet into […]

JavaScript RPG Game Development | Episode 1: Getting Started With rpg.js

In my childhood I loved playing games like Final Fantasy or Shining Force for Playstation and Sega Genesis which are so called JRPGs (Japanese Role Playing Games). By today’s standards they can easily be called retro as their graphics do not hold up when compared to current-gen consoles. However, I still believe that these games […]

Create AppleTV UI Animation with AtroposJS | HTML CSS JavaScript Tutorial

In this AtroposJS video I will explain how to create a super cool 3D animation effect that you get when using your AppleTV while hovering over a movie poster image. AtroposJS Tutorial Video Check out the video below to watch the tutorial! Source code available on GitHub: AtroposJS Documentation: