I will join IBM

Sometimes things do not work out the way we plan them but at the same time new and maybe even better opportunities show up when you expect them the least.

As some of you may know, I’ve been working on a new startup company since last year with friends and former colleagues. Unfortunately, the outcome of this adventure was not as I expected it to be, so I decided to leave them and instead join one of the greatest IT companies out there IBM. Starting May 1st I will be working at the Watson IoT Center @Highlight Towers in the heart of Bavaria, Germany. If you’ve never been there or have some time to spare being in Munich, go check it out. It’s an astonishing piece of architecture shaped like a giant “H” while the view from the highest building in the city is simply breathtaking.

The team I join will be the IBM X-Force Command Cyber Security squad as a Frontend Developer and I can’t wait to get my hands dirty on those very exciting, upcoming projects. Joining Big Blue is not just positive news for myself or the company, but also for my YouTube channel as I will continue to have some free time to work on new videos and people at IBM really liked what I do there, so I’m confident being able to continue posting new stuff. Also, I’ll have the opportunity to travel to Cambridge Boston as well as Atlanta from time to time, so if anybody is living in these areas, I’m always in for a cup of coffee or beer! 🍺😄

How to use Framework7 V2 Router Tutorial

I’ve been getting a lot of requests on how to use the new V2 Router of Framework7, so here are two episodes covering the absolute basics of routing in F7. Have fun, enjoy and let me know if anything is unclear or you want other specific topics covered.

Video playlist:

(Example/demo source code available on GitHub)

Find Dead CSS in React using Radium

When a project grows it often gets harder to find out which css styles are still required and which can be removed. There are post-processors which analyse your bundle and can remove code that it thinks can be deleted, but this is just the same as treating the symptom instead of curing the disease. In this video I will show you how to keep your css clean by easily finding and removing unused styles in your React app using Radium.