Please read this first! :)

I’m getting quite a lot of emails from people asking me for help with their Framework7 projects. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to help everyone of you. Hence, It’s better to ask your question on the official Framework7 community forum and use its swarm intelligence :) – There are lots of nice and experienced devs over there who will gladly help you.

Make sure that your post satisfies all these bulletpoints:

  1. Provide a running demo of your app or at least a screenshot.
  2. Provide your source code. It’s best to use Codepen for this. If you have a Cordova/PhoneGap app, upload the source code to Github and include a link to the repo.
  3. Keep your question short and precise. No one wants to read a novel.
  4. If your question is not Framework7-related, it is better to ask on Stackoverflow instead

Always keep in mind: Others have to understand what your intention for your app is, how the source code looks like and what exactly your problem is.

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Timo Ernst

Timo Ernst