SwiperJS React Video Tutorial | 2020

After many years of being tied to 3rd party React versions of SwiperJS the official team has now created its own version of SwiperJS for React. In this tutorial I will explain how to use it.

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2 thoughts on “SwiperJS React Video Tutorial | 2020

  1. Hi timo…
    thanks for video
    how we can use lazy load image in swiper js in react?
    swiper js documantion not usefull for me !

  2. Hi amin,
    can you try this?

    import { Swiper, Lazy } from 'swiper';
    export default () => {
      return (
        <Swiper lazy>
          <SwiperSlide>Slide 1</SwiperSlide>
          <SwiperSlide>Slide 2</SwiperSlide>
          <SwiperSlide>Slide 3</SwiperSlide>
          <SwiperSlide>Slide 4</SwiperSlide>

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