JavaScript RPG Game Development | Episode 1: Getting Started With rpg.js

In my childhood I loved playing games like Final Fantasy or Shining Force for Playstation and Sega Genesis which are so called JRPGs (Japanese Role Playing Games). By today’s standards they can easily be called retro as their graphics do not hold up when compared to current-gen consoles. However, I still believe that these games have a certain charm and character to them, so I wanted to try to code a JRPG myself.

Introducing rpg.js

So, after doing some research, I stumbled over this framework called rpg.js, which is a framework for – you guessed it – RPGs. Based on a first glance, I immediately noticed how mature it seems to be and it is actively maintained (last commit is just 14 days ago!). It’s based on TypeScript, Node and VueJs which is an amazing tech stack.

As I have pretty much zero experience with this framework, I thought, why not make this a community project? So, I kicked off this YouTube video series below in which you can join me doing first steps in creating the game. I’d love to have your input by providing ideas for the name, game mechanics and storyline. If you have anything to contribute, please don’t hesitate and put your thoughts into the comments section!

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2 thoughts on “JavaScript RPG Game Development | Episode 1: Getting Started With rpg.js

  1. My childhood is filled with memories of gaming, I always thought I would become a game dev! This post inspired me to investigate more into game engines running in browser, and the tech stack is as you described pretty amazing!

  2. Thanks so much Ben! I‘m glad my series inspired you! I have been inspired working on this my self and it‘s a lot of fun to dive back into 16-Bit childhood memories. More content to come! 😀👍

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