A scientific performance comparison: Flex/Flash vs. JavaFX vs. Silverlight vs. JavaScript

I finally finished my diploma thesis I mentioned before about performance comparisons between Flex/Flash, JavaFX, Silverlight and various JavaScript engines. Why this analysis? During an internship at IBM Germany back in 2009, I had to develop a Visualizer based on Flex that heavily relied on its charting library API. Even on strong machines, it was […]

Who said that we’re limited to Adobe’s Flash Player?

A very exciting and promising project called Lightspark has reached beta-stadium. Lightspark is a 3rd-party implementation of Adobe’s Flash Player, written by Alessandro Pignotti and entirely created from scratch using the open specification of the Flash-format SWF. No reverse-engineering was done. It is being said, that even hardware-acceleration is supported using OpenGL. Lightspark is claimed […]

Flash Player 10.1 performance explosion

I am currently writing my diploma thesis at the University of Ulm on performance issues regarding Rich Internet Application technologies like Adobe Flash/Flex, JavaFX, Silverlight and various JavaScript solutions. (Update: It’s done! :-) ) I started back in December when I first noticed that Adobe’s Flash Player seriously has some performance issues. It always was […]

Instant Flash player engine in JavaScript?

Note: This is not a posting about introducing Gordon. This article describes a concept of automatically porting the Flash Player to JavaScript in a generic way, based on the idea of Gordon and Adobe Alchemy. You might know Gordon, an experimental attempt of implementing the Flash Player runtime environment, completely written in JavaScript (by Tobey […]

Forward- and back-button support in Silverlight

I noticed in the screencast below, that Silverlight seems to offer a great implicit way of supporting browser’s forward- and back-buttons. The basic idea is to modify the current url by adding or removing tags without forcing a page refresh. Example: In the video below, a basic Twitter client is being developed using Silverlight. The […]

RIA-Forum Konferenz

Ich werde sehr wahrscheinlich an der Konferenz “RIA-Forum” am 23. April in Darmstadt teilnehmen. Inhaltlich geht es um verschiedene Themen aus dem RIA-Umfeld, verteilt auf vier Vorträge. Auf der Webseite der Konferenz gibt’s Details zum Zeitplan. Neben ein paar anderen Referenten, wird auch Florian Müller, bekannt für das Buch “Professionelle Rich Client Lösungen mit Flex […]