Apple’s cheap trick on Macbook AIR battery runtime tests

I am sure, you’ve all heard about Apple’s recent release of the new Macbook AIR which comes without Flash preinstalled as well as their claims of longer battery lifetime without Adobe’s RIA platform. The computer manufacturer even announced a maximum of 5-7 hours runtime based on some new series of tests they made by browsing […]

5 facts you gotta know about Adobe’s educational versions of the Creative Suite CS5

Yay! I just got my CS5 Master Collection (Educational-version)! Before I bought it, I checked on some infos you might want to know. For example, I was curious if I was allowed to keep the suite even if I am not a student any more and if I may use it for commercial purposes. The […]

Who said that we’re limited to Adobe’s Flash Player?

A very exciting and promising project called Lightspark has reached beta-stadium. Lightspark is a 3rd-party implementation of Adobe’s Flash Player, written by Alessandro Pignotti and entirely created from scratch using the open specification of the Flash-format SWF. No reverse-engineering was done. It is being said, that even hardware-acceleration is supported using OpenGL. Lightspark is claimed […]

Flash Player 10.1 performance explosion

I am currently writing my diploma thesis at the University of Ulm on performance issues regarding Rich Internet Application technologies like Adobe Flash/Flex, JavaFX, Silverlight and various JavaScript solutions. (Update: It’s done! :-) ) I started back in December when I first noticed that Adobe’s Flash Player seriously has some performance issues. It always was […]