Framework7 template with TypeScript and AngularJS

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This article covers a template for Framework7 apps built on TypeScript, SASS, Grunt and AngularJS. From my experience so far I discovered that TypeScript is really complicated and not much fun to use with F7 and Angular. Also, some people seem to struggle with the grunt compile process. So, I created a new, easier template without any fancy stuff, just plain HTML, CSS and JavaScript which I can recommend to get started before diving into the funky stuff: (There is also a video screencast tutorial available)


I am a big fanboy of Framework7, strict typing and MVC, so I tried to combine Framework7 with TypeScript and Angular with a flavor of SASS boiled on top of Grunt. The result is this ready-to-use template: Check on Github

How to build the Framework7 template

  1. No complicated bower or yeoman stuff. Just get from Github.
  2. Then, do npm install and then grunt compile to compile and copy everything from /src to /build. Default task for grunt is “watch” which you can use for auto-compile and -reload in the browser when you do changes in /src.

Example app

If you need an example check out this demo app that I created on top of this template. It simply lists current and upcoming movies from rottentomatoes by getting the data via Ajax using Angular’s $http service as well as its integrated data binding technique to render the view.

Framework7 with Angular movie list demo

Let me know if you have any feature requests for the template.

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3 thoughts on “Framework7 template with TypeScript and AngularJS

  1. Hi, I have done npm install and then grunt compile to compile and copy everything from /src to /build.
    Upto above it is successfull, after that I am not getting what to do?
    Can you please tell me how to emulate / run the app?
    Until now I have used ionic, am very new for this Framework7, please guide me.

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