How to read cookies in a Phonegap-based Android app with Java

Just took me forever to get this straight, here is the trick on how to do it: CookieSyncManager sym = CookieSyncManager.createInstance(appView.getContext()); CookieManager com = CookieManager.getInstance(); sym.sync(); String cookie = com.getCookie(“file:///android_asset”); if (cookie == null) Log.d(“MainActivity”, “Cookie is null”); else{ Log.d(“MainActivity”, “Cookie exists, value is:”); Log.d(“MainActivity”, cookie); }

Apple’s cheap trick on Macbook AIR battery runtime tests

I am sure, you’ve all heard about Apple’s recent release of the new Macbook AIR which comes without Flash preinstalled as well as their claims of longer battery lifetime without Adobe’s RIA platform. The computer manufacturer even announced a maximum of 5-7 hours runtime based on some new series of tests they made by browsing […]