How to log in to Twitter API using oauth

This is episode 2 of my series “Create a Twitter app with VueJS and Framework7”. In this video you will learn how to connect and authenticate against the Twitter API using oauth. Also, we’re using Vue.js and Framework7 as the weapon of our choice.

If you haven’t seen episode 1 yet, I highly recommend to check that out first before watching this video.

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Source code:

PhoneGap/Cordova templates for VueJS with Framework7

PhoneGap development with VueJS and Framework7 seems to gain more traction lately and there are 2 new templates that help you get started easily. One made by Adobe’s Holly Schinsky and the other one by Oğuz Özcan. In this post I want to introduce how to kick off a project with both templates easily.

Holly Schinsky’s template

To download, check her Github page.

This template is based on the official static template of the Framework7 + VueJS plugin project. To get started, make sure, you have PhoneGap/Cordova installed and run:


$ phonegap create myVueApp --template
$ cd myVueApp
$ phonegap serve


$ open www/index.html


$ cordova create myVueApp --template
$ cd myVueApp
$ open www/index.html

Oğuz Özcan’s template

To download, check his Github page.

This one is Cordova-only, so make sure you have it installed:

npm i cordova -g

To kick of the project, simply do:

cordova create  com.example.projectname ProjectClassName --template cordova-template-framework7-vue-webpack

Important: ProjectClassName should be written without spaces.

Do you have additional templates and boilerplates you can suggest? Let us know in the comment :D