New project:

I created a new online platform called

The goal is to provide really simple and quick examples for common ZK use-cases and requirements (what is ZK?).

The idea is based on which was a great help to me when I was coding a lot of Adobe Flex.

If anyone has some nice examples to share, feel free to sign up and just post it (requires review and approval by me).

I, personally, try to post every time I learned something new about ZK.
Might help someone else who has the same problem.

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3 thoughts on “New project:

  1. gracias por tu iniciativa, nos será de mucha ayuda para todos los amantes de ZK…

  2. No hay de qué! Me alegro que os guste. :-)
    (Translated by Google Translator – Hope it’s accurate :-D )

  3. Gracias! bienvenidos todos los ejemplos en programación. Mejor si son en java, c++ o PHP scripting.

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