Flash Builder 4 (final) released!

Finally, after a long beta phase, the new Flash Builder 4 was released yesterday.

FB4 is based on Eclipse and optimized for Flex/AS3 coding.
The new version 4 introduces new features for a better workflow between designers and developers supporting the new Flex SDK4 and Adobe Catalyst.
For details, check out the Flash Builder 4 website.

The tool is completely free for non-commercial use (e.g. students).

Note: Flash Builder was originally called “Flex Builder” before it got renamed. It has nothing to do with the Flash CS animation/designing tool. Adobe decided to rename the tool in order to keep product series consistant. I personally think, that it’s a bit irritating for the moment, but it does make sense, because Flex developers are in fact Flash developers with focus on Flex, which is just a framework that builds on the Flash platform.

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