Whitepapers, projects and other publications that I created in the last years:

“A benchmark suite to test performance for JavaScript, Adobe Flex/Flash, Silverlight and JavaFX”

My diploma thesis
“Performance Analysis and Acceleration for Rich Internet Application Technologies”

“A digital lecture for learning web technologies [German]”

Book (part)
One chapter about OpenLaszlo in the book “Adobe Air – RIAs für den Desktop entwickeln” as eBook (by Christian Pfeil)

Term paper
“OpenLaszlo: Barrierefreie (D)HTML- und Flashtransformation im Fokus”

“Repetitorium der technischen Informatik I”

“Onlinespiele und ihre Auswirkungen auf akademische Leistungen”

Term paper
One-Handed Keyboards im mobilen Einsatz

Term paper
Onlinespiele. Die virtuelle Welt und ihre Gesellschaft

Design basics
Classic training for basic design principles

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2 thoughts on “Publications

  1. Hello!

    My name is Grega and I am a student at University of Ljubljana Slovenia. I found your e-mail address at the github web site.
    I am working on a research for my BSC thesis where I want to compare different frameworks for developing mobile applications
    (i.e. Ionic, Xamarin, JQuery Mobile, …).

    I have noticed, that you have the expirience using Framework 7 framework. To complete my thesis I require answers from actual developers who use this framework, therefore I kindly ask you to answer to my survey, regarding some of the properties of the framework.


    This survey is anonymous and will be used exclusively for academic purposes. All of the results will be presented only in an aggregated form.
    If you are interested in the results of the survey, then I will be happy to send you the results.

    Best Regards, Grega

  2. Sure thing, Grega. I’ll take part in your survey and would love to see the results when you’re done with your thesis :)

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