A scientific performance comparison: Flex/Flash vs. JavaFX vs. Silverlight vs. JavaScript

I finally finished my diploma thesis I mentioned before about performance comparisons between Flex/Flash, JavaFX, Silverlight and various JavaScript engines. Why this analysis? During an internship at IBM Germany back in 2009, I had to develop a Visualizer based on Flex that heavily relied on its charting library API. Even on strong machines, it was […]

Flash Player 10.1 performance explosion

I am currently writing my diploma thesis at the University of Ulm on performance issues regarding Rich Internet Application technologies like Adobe Flash/Flex, JavaFX, Silverlight and various JavaScript solutions. (Update: It’s done! :-) ) I started back in December when I first noticed that Adobe’s Flash Player seriously has some performance issues. It always was […]

Instant Flash player engine in JavaScript?

Note: This is not a posting about introducing Gordon. This article describes a concept of automatically porting the Flash Player to JavaScript in a generic way, based on the idea of Gordon and Adobe Alchemy. You might know Gordon, an experimental attempt of implementing the Flash Player runtime environment, completely written in JavaScript (by Tobey […]

My best practice for MVC with Adobe Flex3

I often read in Flex-tutorials and -books, that it’s difficult to completely implement a project using the concept of the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern. It is being said that the fact that MXML files inherit both, application logic (through ActionScript) and the declarative way of building graphic user-interfaces using MXML syntax, makes it almost impossible to […]

One reason for using Flash instead of HTML5

I think, I finally found an answer to the question, why one should use Flash instead of HTML5: Binary sockets Newer Flash Player versions allow developers to open binary socket connections, which is not possible using pure HTML5/JavaScript in the browser (HTML5 only supports websockets, which are different). Thus, for example, it would not be […]