What’s new in Framework7 v2 beta?

In this quick 5-min video, I explain what’s new in the beta version of Framework7 v2. Also, make sure to visit these links for more detailed info:

F7 blog

F7 releases

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5 thoughts on “What’s new in Framework7 v2 beta?

  1. Hi Timo, I see all your videos about F7 and vuejs. Great.
    I used in the past F7.
    Now, with F7 v2, you suggest anyway to use F7 with vuejs, or only F7?
    I have seen that the JS syntax of F7 is closer to vuejs and I do not understand if the best is to use F7 + vuejs or only F7

    Thank you, Marco

  2. @Marco Hi, thanks! I’m glad you liked my videos. Yes, I also noticed that new F7 v2 syntax is quite similar to Vue. You could try to work with it without Vue and see if it works for you. If not, you can still wait for the new F7 v2 Vue plugin (not released yet).

  3. Hi Timo.. thanks for the great videos on F7. Unfortunately I haven’t had a lot of success with F7 v2 because of the change in syntax . I will be glad to get a video on how to use the documentation especially the routes. thanks

  4. @Papa Hi, thanks. I’m glad that my videos were helpful for you. I have plans for some v2 videos, unfortunately I’m currently in the process of moving to a new city, so it’ll take some time until everything is back to normal so I can make more videos.

    Until then, it would be really helpful if devs who are using F7 could tell me which topics they’d like to have covered in the new videos.

  5. Hi Tim I love ur tutorials I would love to see a tutorial about how to properly use the routing feature, thanks for ur videos ?

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