How to post tweets via Twitter API with Vue.js and Framework7

This is episode 03 of my series “How to create a Twitter app with Vue.js, Framework7 and PhoneGap”.

In this screencast, I will explain how we use the Twitter API with the power of Codebird to post tweets.

Find the source code here:

Also, please let me know if you prefer multiple shorter videos (15-20 min) or one big screencast (60-90 min) in the future in the comments down below! Thanks :)

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5 thoughts on “How to post tweets via Twitter API with Vue.js and Framework7

  1. minedun7 says:

    Can you please update your webpack template because most of the dependencies are outdated or changed like jade => pug.


    Hey Timo! Great tutorial! I am having trouble on logging in! After cleaning the localstorage, I am getting the error: “Invalid or expired token.”

    I tryed to change the key and secret, but still getting the same error. The was logging in ok in the step 2 video. But now I only get this error. I’ve done everything with your code.

    Any clue what might be happening?

    I am getting a Warn as well: [Vue warn]: “style” is a reserved attribute and cannot be used as component prop.

    I am using node 9.1.0

    Thanks a lot!!!

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