Japan will blossom again

Being half japanese, I currently cannot think about anything else than the crisis happening in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Sitting here in Germany unable to do much more than just watch news and refresh live tickers makes me go crazy.

Not only have several earthquakes and a huge tsunami taken thousand of lifes, now also a nuclear disaster seems to threaten the people of Japan including some of my relatives living in Tokio.

I can only hope that the 50 brave technicians left behind in Fukushima Daiichi find a solution for the problem to save the beautiful landscape and the ocean where I used to play and fish when I was a little kid.

From what I know, the people who suffered from the earthquake and the tsunami run out of food, electricity and most important: clean water.
Japan’s government today officially asked for help from foreign countries because they run out of resources to help the inhabitants who lost their homes and now must live in temporarily built camps.

So, here is one of the few things I can do (inspired by Dryicons):

Please, if you can spare
a few bucks, donate!

For donators from Germany: Deutsches Rotes Kreuz

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