How to fix getting stuck when scrolling up in Framework7

The problem in Framework7 In most webapps for iOS (not only Framework7) that use -webkit-overflow-scrolling:touch for scrolling within elements instead of the whole body you will experience the following issue: You scroll up to the very top of the document and then you scroll down immediately when you get the bounce back. You will notice […]

Experiment: An iPhone app built with Framework7, TypeScript, and Angular 1.x

Disclaimer: Since this post is getting quite some attention I have to state some things clear, so read this first! This example is not best practice on how to use Framework7, it’s more of an experiment to see how it works with Angular and TypeScript. Framework7 has an own templating engine called Template7 so Angular […]

Simple iPhone5 detection with JavaScript

It’s really simple, just use this function: function isIphone5(){ function iOSVersion(){ var agent = window.navigator.userAgent, start = agent.indexOf( ‘OS ‘ ); if( (agent.indexOf( ‘iPhone’ ) > -1) && start > -1) return window.Number( agent.substr( start + 3, 3 ).replace( ‘_’, ‘.’ ) ); else return 0; } return iOSVersion() >= 6 && window.devicePixelRatio >= 2 […]

One reason for using Flash instead of HTML5

I think, I finally found an answer to the question, why one should use Flash instead of HTML5: Binary sockets Newer Flash Player versions allow developers to open binary socket connections, which is not possible using pure HTML5/JavaScript in the browser (HTML5 only supports websockets, which are different). Thus, for example, it would not be […]