Google Chrome Flash debugger not connecting to Flex/Flash Builder?

If your Flex/Flash Builder has suddenly problems connecting to your Flash debugger, you might be using Google Chrome.

It seems like Google started bundling the Flash Player together with Chrome, which has an automatic updating engine (in the background) and thus you probably didn’t notice the update. This integrated version of Flash Player is the standard version of the plug-in and not the debugger version. Hence, whenever you view Flash content through Google Chrome, the used runtime is not the one you installed on your local operating system.

Currently, there are two workarounds for this:

  1. Manually replace the Chrome Flash player with the debugger version (Thanks to Josh for the how-to).
  2. Use a different browser for testing your Flash applications in.

Workaround #1

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to chrome://plugins
  2. (For Google Chrome version 6.x and higher only: Click the “details” link in the top right corner.)
  3. Find the entries that say “Flash”.
  4. On Windows 7, deactivate the entry, which has the following path:


    On MacOS X, the path is:

    /Applications/Google Player Plugin for Chrome.plugin

    This will disable the integrated Flash Player bundled with Google Chrome. Watch out not to disable your operating system’s default Flash Player (debugger). You can see the difference in the installation path: The global Flash Player is not installed into a directory associated with Chrome.

workaround #2

In Flex/Flash Builder (or Eclipse), simply go to Preferences -> General -> Web Browser and hit “Use external Web Browser“. Then pick Safari, Firefox or whatever you prefer. This choice will then be your “development test browser”, while you can use Chrome for your daily surfing needs.