Deploy Framework7 apps to Android with PhoneGap/Cordova | Beginner Tutorial

This is an absolute beginner’s tutorial for those of you who have never before deployed a Framework7 app to a real Android device. In this video tutorial you will learn how to: Create the app Build Deploy to Android Emulator Run on real Android device Android Framework7 Video tutorial Steps Here are all the steps […]

How to mine Electroneum in a pool on Mac using Docker

Note: This will only allow for CPU-mining, not GPU. Instructions Install docker Open applications/ Open Terminal and run: docker pull hmage/cpuminer-opt After installation run this in Terminal: docker run -d hmage/cpuminer-opt -a cryptonight -o [POOL_URL:PORT] -u [YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS] -p x Make sure to replace [POOL_URL:PORT] and [YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS], so for example for me this was: docker run […]