This is a non-comprehensive list of my recent work. Feel free to contact me anytime if you have questions.

Adobe PGDay EU 2017 talk

Building PhoneGap apps with Vue.js and Framework7

HSE24 React Prototype

hse24 react prototypeA react-based prototype built for e-commerce TV shopping company HSE24 to test how and if a migration from a jQuery-based project to react is possible without breaking changes to the user experience.

Technologies used
react, react-universal, ES6 JavaScript, webpack, babel, npm, Node, HTML5, CSS3, Semantic-UI

Golemi App

Golemi app screenshotAn iPhone app prototype for German online tech magazine Supports articles, videos, favorites, sharing features with php precaching mechanism for improved loading speed.

Technologies used
Angular, Framework7, PhoneGap/Cordova, JavaScript, REST, grunt, npm, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, PHP

On Gym

OnGym LogoA website where customers can workout in front of their computer being instructed by their personal coaches who can see them through a webcam.

Technologies used
JavaScript, Knockout, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, REST, CoffeeScript, Node, npm, PHP, MySQL


hse24In this project I supported e-commerce TV shopping company HSE24 as an architect to migrate their desktop website to a mobile smartphone and tablet experience including coaching their agile scrum developer teams as well as code reviews. Also, various performance improvements have been made for better user experience and cost savings. The whole shop was then rolled out to countries like Russia, Italy and Emirates.

Technologies used
JavaScript, grunt, npm, HTML5, SASS, CSS3, Foundation, REST, jQuery, PhoneGap/Cordova, AirPlay

T-Online logo

T-Online MobileT-Online mobile website and apps for iPhone, Android as well as Windows Phone. Delivers latest news from to reader’s smartphones using push notifications.

Technologies used
JavaScript, jQuery Mobile, HTML5, CSS3, REST, jQuery, PhoneGap/Cordova, Objective-C, Java

IBM logo

Implementation of a new Data Mining Visualizer as well as product-presentation for US tech sales representatives of IBM.

Technologies used
Adobe Flex/Flash, ActionScript3

YouTube projects

twitter app demoTwitter App

I created this Twitter app to showcase the power of Vue.js and Framework7 in my tutorial series Create a Twitter app with Vue.js, Framework7 and PhoneGap.

Technologies used
Vue.js, Framework7, PhoneGap/Cordova, REST, ES6 JavaScript, webpack, babel, npm, Node, HTML5, CSS3


A chat application for Adobe PGDay EU 2017 in Amsterdam. It allows you to quickly chat between conference attendees without registration.

Technologies used
Vue.js, Framework7, PhoneGap/Cordova, REST, PubNub, ES6 JavaScript, webpack, babel, npm, Node, HTML5, CSS3

rotten tomatoes movie appRotten Tomatoes Movie App

In this application I demonstrated how to use Angular with Framework7. Data is collected via REST and then rendered into the view using Angular.

Technologies used
Angular, Framework7, REST, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

Framework7 with Angular movie list demoTypeScript experiment with Framework7

In this experiment I tried to use Framework7 with TypeScript and Angular 1.x.

Technologies used
Angular, TypeScript, Framework7, REST, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

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