Framework7 template list

This is a (probably non-comprehensive) list of all the Framework7 templates that I know. If you have additional suggestions or find a mistake, please let me know in the comments! Thanks! :-)

Name Technologies Author Comment
Official basic examples Dom7/jQuery iDangerous Various official templates for using F7 with Dom7 and/or jQuery
Official F7-React React, Webpack, Babel Ben Compton Official template for using F7-React. Based on the famous create-react-app template
Official STATIC F7-react React Ben Compton A static boilerplate to get started with F7-React. No Webpack/Babel or whatsoever used. Only plain html, css, javascript!
F7-Vue + Cordova + Webpack Vue, Webpack, PhoneGap/Cordova Oğuz Özcan PhoneGap/Cordova template for getting started with Vue.js and Webpack
F7-Vue + PhoneGap PhoneGap/Cordova, Vue.js Holly Schinsky A static template to get started with PhoneGap and Vue.js
Framework7 + Vue.js + PhoneGap PhoneGap, Vue.js Timo Ernst A very old template that I do not maintain/recommend any more. Instead, it’s better to use Oğuz Özcan or Holly Schinsky’s version.
Official Framework7 + Vue.js Vue.js iDangerous The simplest static template for getting started with F7 and Vue.js only
Official F7-Vue + Webpack Vue.js, Webpack iDangerous Starter template to kick-off a new project with Vue.js and Webpack
vue-framework7-webpack Vue.js, Webpack Timo Ernst Template based on the famous create-react-app template. It still works but I don’t maintain it currently. Usually it’s better to use the official F7-Vue + Webpack template
Official F7-Vue Browserify template Vue.js, Browserify iDangerous Official template to start a new project using Vue.js and Browserify. Keep in mind though that Webpack is usually the more modern option to choose!
Framework7-Pure-Angular-Template Angular1 Timo Ernst A veeeery old template! This is not recommended anymore since Angular 1.x is not out of date.
Framework7 + Angular2 Angular2 ashvin777 This template has been created as an attempt to combine F7 with Angular2. I don’t know if this has ever been finished or if it is still maintained (last update is many months ago), so be careful when using this! In general, from my experience Angular is not a very good fit for Framework7, so if you really want to use Angular, go use Ionic instead!
Typework 7 TypeScript, Angular1 Timo Ernst This is also a very old template which I created tipping my toes into F7/Angular/TypeScript territory. Heck, I don’t even remember if I did things correctly. However, from my experience Angular and TypeScript are not a very good fit for Framework7, so if you really want to use Angular and TypeScript, go use Ionic instead!

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