There is no Flex Developer!

In case you have ever been asking yourself how to call yourself if you develop Flash-based applications, here is the ultimate guide:

  • If you use the Eclipse-based IDE called “Flash Builder” in order to create Rich Internet Applications using AS3 and MXML, you are a Flash Developer (with Focus on Flex).
  • If you use the design- and animation tool Flash CS in order to create interactive movies, you are a Flash Designer.

There is no Flex Developer!

Flash Builder 4 (final) released!

Finally, after a long beta phase, the new Flash Builder 4 was released yesterday.

FB4 is based on Eclipse and optimized for Flex/AS3 coding.
The new version 4 introduces new features for a better workflow between designers and developers supporting the new Flex SDK4 and Adobe Catalyst.
For details, check out the Flash Builder 4 website.

The tool is completely free for non-commercial use (e.g. students).

Note: Flash Builder was originally called “Flex Builder” before it got renamed. It has nothing to do with the Flash CS animation/designing tool. Adobe decided to rename the tool in order to keep product series consistant. I personally think, that it’s a bit irritating for the moment, but it does make sense, because Flex developers are in fact Flash developers with focus on Flex, which is just a framework that builds on the Flash platform.

RIA-Forum Konferenz

Ich werde sehr wahrscheinlich an der Konferenz “RIA-Forum” am 23. April in Darmstadt teilnehmen.

Inhaltlich geht es um verschiedene Themen aus dem RIA-Umfeld, verteilt auf vier Vorträge. Auf der Webseite der Konferenz gibt’s Details zum Zeitplan.

Neben ein paar anderen Referenten, wird auch Florian Müller, bekannt für das Buch “Professionelle Rich Client Lösungen mit Flex und Java: Web-Applikationen mit Flex-Frontend, Java-Backend und BlazeDS” zum Thema Flex im Enterprise-Umfeld sprechen.

Ich persönlich werde da sein. Wer sich mir anschließen möchte: Einfach bei mir melden. Teilnahme kostet 35 Euro inkl. Buffet.

Can’t wait for Flash CS5

I absolutely hate programming in Objective C using XCode in order to deliver apps for the iPhone.

The upcoming Flash CS5 seems to make it possible to create Flash applications and export ’em right into native iPhone apps. It’s really incredible.

I hope, this also works using the FlexBuilder/FlexAPI since I absolutely hate using the Flash Designer application.
Update: Seems like it’s possible but not recommended since Flex was optimized for desktop deployment and not for mobile devices. I really hope, Adobe’s gonna get this to work. Seems like they’re trying to fix this issue with a framework called Slider, which is expected to be released in an early version somewhere in 2010.

Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

One reason for using Flash instead of HTML5

I think, I finally found an answer to the question, why one should use Flash instead of HTML5: Binary sockets

Newer Flash Player versions allow developers to open binary socket connections, which is not possible using pure HTML5/JavaScript in the browser (HTML5 only supports websockets, which are different).

Thus, for example, it would not be possible to create a FTP client without Flash or a backend system since such an attempt would require one to open a socket in order to implement the FTP protocol.