Please, HTC. Build me my perfect phone.

Dear HTC,

this month I wanted to buy myself a new android smartphone.

After scanning the market for several weeks, I ended up with your HTC Legend and HTC Desire phones.

So I had to make a decision based on the pro and cons:

The Legend definately looks damn sexy. Its aluminium-body makes it feel like a rock-solid piece of art, but in the same time it comes to my mind that this phone would be a little lighter if made of plastic. Android 2.1 is great but since the Desire also comes with this version of Google’s operating system, this is not a plus.
The screen is a bit smaller compared to the Desire and the processor is 400 MHz slower, which leads to lack of fps when playing back Flash videos.

The Desire definitely has the better tech specs: A 400 MHz faster processor, more RAM and a bigger AMOLED display. That’s great. But although its case is made of plastic, it seems to be heavier and almost as thick as the Legend. But the biggest contra for me personally against the Desire is the design. That thing looks as it came directly from the 90’s. David Hasselhoff could have used it while driving KITT in an episode of Knight Rider.

So, please HTC. Since I don’t want to buy an iPhone, build a phone for me with the following specs:

  • Sexy and slim aluminium body like on the HTC Legend
  • The phone should be really slim (About the dimensions of an iPod Touch).
  • It should weight only about 80% of the current Desire’s weight
  • Technical specs (Processor, RAM, Display size, Android 2.1) should be the similar to the ones of the desire (or even better!).

I simply want a fast, light and slim smartphone that I can put into my pocket without the feeling of having an iron bar in there.

That’s all. Thank you very much HTC.

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